On occasion, we will wind up with a Flow of Flow objects. For example, we might get a Flow with results from a database query, and each row in those results requires another call that results in another Flow. In these cases, it can be convenient to "flatten" the flow-of-flows into a single Flow emitting each of the nested results. There are two operators for that: flattenConcat() and flattenMerge().

flattenConcat() subscribes to the first of the inner Flow objects. flattenConcat() emits each of items emitted by that inner Flow, and when that Flow completes, flattenConcat() subscribes to the next of the inner Flow objects. This continues until the outer Flow itself completes.

Here, flowRepeat() emits the same object a specified number of times, with a 10-millisecond delay between each emission. That Flow will be run on Dispatchers.Default, courtesy of flowOn(). We wrap four of those flowRepeat() calls in an outer Flow and use flattenConcat() on it. The result is that we get all 10 of the 1 items, followed by all 10 of the 2 items, etc.

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